A woman in little thunderbolt pose

10 Risky Yoga Poses Beginners Should Avoid

Unfortunately, the yoga poses that look the most exciting to try are usually the most dangerous. Here are 10 poses that beginners are better off avoiding.

Marilyn Monroe

10 Famous People With Stuttering Problems

Here are ten famous people from history who didn't let their stuttering hinder their greatness!

Fans cheer on their favorite team

Anatomy of a Football Fan

We all know the rush of winning a nail-biting game, but what’s going on in our minds and bodies as we are going hoarse from our team to victory?

Top 10 Most Beautiful Currencies Around the World

U.S. Dollars are great if you want to flash a lot of cash on a rap album cover while still looking serious, but let's face it—our money is sort of "blah." Here are some currencies with a little more pizzazz.

greedy gold digger

History's 10 Greediest Gold Diggers

“Gold digger” gets thrown around as an insult a lot. Though most accusations are a reach, sometimes marriage is so clearly about money or fame that it’s impossible to deny. Here are 10 of the worst cases ever.

bank robber

10 Most Bizarre Bank Robberies of the Modern Age

Crime doesn't pay—at least not for the criminals. Yet it can be a wellspring of entertainment for fans of irony and lovers of the bizarre. Here are some of the most outré crimes of the century so far.

The Working Womans Guide to Choosing a Planner

The Working Woman's Guide to Choosing a Planner

Take a second to imagine what a typical work day would be like without a planner. I’m picturing pure chaos from sun up to sun down, with tons of frustrated tears mixed in. Terrifying, right? For the sake of organization and inner zen, you need a planner that can keep up with your career.

A man lies in bed and takes his temperature

Are You Too Sick for Work?

Runny nose, itchy throat, fever...yep, it's cold and flu season once again! Before you make the decision to either call in sick or take the plunge and possibly infect your co-workers, you should probably take a look at this flow chart.

A stethoscope sitting on top of the money from a nurse practitioners salary.

Expected Salary for Nurse Practitioners

Nurse practitioners provide an essential service to society by aiding patients in overcoming health conditions. The high salary they receive reflects this public service and certainly makes it a worthwhile career.


15 Vacation Destinations for Country Music Lovers

From John Wayne to Dolly Parton, country music is deeply rooted in American culture. Here are 15 vacation destinations for country music lovers!


The 15 Best Cities for People Who Love Winter

If you choose snow over sand, these 15 cities might have just what you’re looking for!

Christmas romance in japan

10 Memorable Christmas Traditions from Around the World

Elsewhere, people are participating in holiday traditions that may be a little different from ours. Here are 10 signs of Christmas from around the world!

A woman works on her new years resolutions

15 Motivational Quotes to Inspire Your New Year's Resolutions

As motivated as you may be when setting New Year’s resolutions, your determination may start to wane. If that happens to you, here are 15 motivational quotes to help you power through and get your mojo back.

A Muppet Family Christmas

15 Classic Christmas TV Specials

Watching TV Christmas specials is a holiday tradition that’s been passed down through the generations. To help you relive your fondest childhood memories, here are 15 classic Christmas TV specials!

Some cheap outerwear

10 Winter Fashion Mistakes That Make You Look Older

When the temperatures drop, the layers start piling on! Unfortunately, you could be making yourself look years older than you actually are.

A left handed student applies for a scholarship

Scholarships for Left-Handed Students

Whether you’re an expert juggler, know how to play the bagpipes, or are adopted, there are scholarships exclusively offered to you. There are also plenty of scholarship options for left-handed students. Find out more here.

Getting Your Nursing Degree Online

Want to become a nurse but just don’t have the time? Luckily, there are online nursing degrees to work with your busy schedule.

Two nurse practitioner students discussing the top nurse practitioner programs in the country.

The Top Nurse Practitioner Programs in the United States

If you're looking into a nurse practitioner career then you need to know where you can find the best education. These top nursing programs can give you the competitive edge and experience needed in the medical field.

Weirdest-Looking Cars of 2017

Do car manufacturers just compete to create the weirdest vehicle they can imagine? After this year, we're seriously starting to wonder.

The Evolution of the Wienermobile

The Wienermobile is an American icon, but how much do you really know about it? This bizarre car's been around longer - and gone through more changes - than you might expect.

Top 5 Toyota Models of 2017

The new year means that new vehicles are rolling out, and Toyota has some great contenders this year. With new features and great gas mileage, these cars may make you want to trade in your previous model for a new one.

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